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Here’s the pick of popular & Off-Beat Cruise vacations for first-timers as well as veteran cruisers. Experience awesome confluence of entertainment, activities, sightseeing tours, relaxation and fine dinning. Come aboard.

Our list of holidays

Genting Dream – (SIN –Bali & Back)

Genting Dream – (SIN –Bali & Back) (5 Nights/ 6 Days)

Visit: INDONESIA (Bali), SINGAPORE (Singapore )
Sightseeing: Singapore (Optional Shore Excursions )
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Cruising  Middle East

Cruising Middle East (7 Nights/ 8 Days)

Visit: UAE (Doha (Qatar), Abu Dhabi, Dubai)
Sightseeing: Abu Dhabi (Optional Shore Excursion), Dubai (Optional Shore Excursion, City Tour )
Starting from

49,790 pp

Cruising @ Thailand- Ex. Bangkok

Cruising @ Thailand- Ex. Bangkok (3 Nights/ 4 Days)

Visit: THAILAND (Koh Samui, Bangkok)
Sightseeing: Koh Samui (Optional tour of Angthong national Park ), Bangkok (Half Day City Tour)
Starting from

34,800 pp

Cruising @ Japan – (China – Japan & back)

Cruising @ Japan – (China – Japan & back) (7 Nights/ 8 Days)

Visit: JAPAN (Tokyo), CHINA (Shanghai )
Sightseeing: Shanghai (Optional Shore excursions )
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South Asian Wonders

South Asian Wonders (4 Nights/ 5 Days)

Visit: JAPAN (Kumamoto), KOREA (Jeju Island), CHINA (Shanghai )
Sightseeing: Shanghai (Optional Shore excursions )
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Iconic Aegean Cruise

Iconic Aegean Cruise (3 Nights/ 4 Days)

Visit: GREECE (Patmos, Santorini, Mykonos, Athens), TURKEY (Kusadasi)
Sightseeing: Athens (Athens, Mykonos, Patmos, Piraeus, Santorini, Rhodes) (Turkey: Istanbul, Kusadasi|, City Tour ), Kusadasi (Hierapolis)
Starting from

41,470 pp

Galapagos Xpedition

Galapagos Xpedition (7 Nights/ 8 Days)

Sightseeing: GALAPAGOS (Optional shore excursions )
Starting from

4,09,435 pp

Cruise To Maldives - Ex Mumbai

Cruise To Maldives - Ex Mumbai (7 Nights/ 8 Days)

Visit: INDIA (Cochin, Mangalore), MALDIVES (CRUISE, Male)
Sightseeing: Cochin (City tour of cochin), Mangalore (city tour of Mangalore )
Starting from

55,965 pp

Regal Princess | Scandinavia & Russia

Regal Princess | Scandinavia & Russia (10 Nights/ 11 Days)

Visit: ESTONIA (Tallinn), SWEDEN (Stockholm (Nynashamn)), GERMANY (Berlin (Warnemunde)), RUSSIA (St. petersberg), DENMARK (Copenhagen), NORWAY (Oslo), FINLAND (Helsinki)
Starting from

1,16,025 pp

The Voyage North | Fjord To The High Arctic

The Voyage North | Fjord To The High Arctic (6 Nights/ 7 Days)

Visit: NORWAY (North Cape, Arctic Circle, Kirkenes, Honningsvåg , Lofoten Islands , Trondheim, Ålesund, Bergen)
Sightseeing: Bergen (Optional Shore Excursion), Ålesund (Optional Shore Excursion, Optional Shore Excursion), Trondheim (Optional Shore Excursion), Lofoten Islands (Optional Shore Excursion), Honningsvåg (Optional Shore Excursion), Kirkenes (Optional Shore Excursion), Arctic Circle (Optional Shore Excursion), North Cape (Optional Shore Excursion)
Starting from

73,840 pp

Seychelles Cruise Around

Seychelles Cruise Around (7 Nights/ 8 Days)

Visit: SEYCHELLES (Mahe Island )
Sightseeing: Mahe Island (Optional Shore Excursion)
Starting from

92,495 pp

Oriental Cruise (SIN to KUL & Back)

Oriental Cruise (SIN to KUL & Back) (3 Nights/ 4 Days)

Visit: SINGAPORE (Singapore ), MALAYSIA (Kualalumpur )
Sightseeing: Kualalumpur (Optional Shore excursions )
Starting from

24,505 pp

Christmas Market Cruise on The Danube

Christmas Market Cruise on The Danube (6 Nights/ 7 Days)

Visit: GERMANY (Passau, Regensburg, Nuremberg), AUSTRIA (Vienna, Weissenkirchen, Melk)
Sightseeing: Vienna (Visit Christmas Market), Melk (Visit Christmas Market), Passau (Visit Christmas Market), Regensburg (Visit Christmas Market), Nuremberg (Visit Christmas Market)
Starting from

58,374 pp

Celebrity Infinity

Celebrity Infinity (14 Nights/ 15 Days)

Visit: ARGENTINA (Puerto Madryn, Bosporus Ushuaia, Port Stanley (Falkland Islands), Buenos Aires ), ANTARCTICA (Elephant Island , Paradise Bay, Schollart Channel, Gerlache Straight), CHILE (Cape Horn), URUGUAY (Montevideo)
Sightseeing: Gerlache Straight (Optional Excursion), Port Stanley (Falkland Islands) (Optional Excursion), Montevideo (Optional Excursion), Schollart Channel (Optional Excursion), Cape Horn (Optional Excursion), Puerto Madryn (Optional Excursion), Bosporus Ushuaia (Optional Excursion)
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Crossing the Circle Southern Expedition

Crossing the Circle Southern Expedition (13 Nights/ 14 Days)

Visit: ANTARCTICA (Cruise), ARGENTINA (Ushuaia)
Sightseeing: Cruise (Optional Shore Excursion)
Starting from

6,56,175 pp

Breezes of the Mediterranean

Breezes of the Mediterranean (7 Nights/ 8 Days)

Visit: ITALY (Civitavecchia (Rome), Olbia, Pisa Civitavecchia (Rome), La Spezia (Florence), Naples), FRANCE (Villefranche (Monte Carlo)), SPAIN (Barcelona)
Sightseeing: Villefranche (Monte Carlo) (Optional Shore Excursion), Civitavecchia (Rome) (Optional Shore Excursion), Olbia (Optional Shore Excursion), La Spezia (Florence) (Optional Shore excursions ), Naples (Optional Shore excursions )
Starting from

43,953 pp

Caribbean Sampler

Caribbean Sampler (7 Nights/ 8 Days)

Visit: USA (Montega Bay, Ft. Lauderdale, Florida , Grand Cayman, Cayman Islands), MEXICO (Island of Cozumel), BAHAMAS (Princess Cays)
Sightseeing: Ft. Lauderdale, Florida (Optional Shore excursions ), Grand Cayman, Cayman Islands (Optional Shore excursions ), Island of Cozumel (Optional Shore excursions ), Princess Cays (Optional Shore excursions )
Starting from

41,275 pp

Bahamas Cruise

Bahamas Cruise (4 Nights/ 5 Days)

Visit: USA (Key West (Florida), Miami (Florida)), BAHAMAS (CocoCay, Nassau)
Sightseeing: CocoCay (Optional Shore excursions ), Nassau (Optional Shore excursions ), Key West (Florida) (Optional Shore excursions ), Miami (Florida) (Optional Shore excursions )
Starting from

27,950 pp

Western Mediterranean Cruise

Western Mediterranean Cruise (7 Nights/ 8 Days)

Visit: SPAIN (Palma De Mallorca, Barcelona), ITALY (Pisa Civitavecchia (Rome), La Spezia (Florence), Naples), FRANCE (Provence (Marseilles))
Sightseeing: La Spezia (Florence) (Optional Shore excursions , Optional Shore excursions ), Pisa Civitavecchia (Rome) (Optional Shore excursions ), Provence (Marseilles) (Optional Shore excursions ), Naples (Optional Shore excursions ), Barcelona (Optional Shore excursions )
Starting from

80,860 pp

Taste of Asia

Taste of Asia (3 Nights/ 4 Days)

Visit: MALAYSIA (Penang), THAILAND (Krabi, Phuket)
Sightseeing: Krabi (Optional Shore excursions ), Phuket (Optional Shore excursions ), Penang (Optional Shore excursions )
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Mediterranean Greek Isles

Mediterranean Greek Isles (12 Nights/ 13 Days)

Visit: ITALY (Valetta (Salerno) , Civitavecchia (Rome), Florence, Rome), FRANCE (Monte Carlo), GREECE (Santorini, Athens), SPAIN (Barcelona), TURKEY (Kusadasi)
Sightseeing: Santorini (Optional Shore excursions ), Kusadasi (Optional Shore excursions ), Athens (Optional Shore excursions ), Rome (Optional Shore excursions ), Florence (Optional Shore excursions ), Monte Carlo (Optional Shore excursions ), Barcelona (Optional Shore excursions )
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Great Bear Rainforest Cruise

Great Bear Rainforest Cruise (8 Nights/ 9 Days)

Visit: CANADA (Bella, Great Bear Rainforest Cruise)
Sightseeing: Great Bear Rainforest Cruise (Experience: Cruising, spotting whales, sea lions & dolphins, sightings of black bears, grizzly bears & even the elusive & rare white spirit bear)
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Journey to Antarctica

Journey to Antarctica (11 Nights/ 12 Days)

Visit: ANTARCTICA (National Geographic Explorer - Expedition Ship), ARGENTINA (Ushuaia, Buenos Aires, Buenos Aires )
Starting from

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